Kris Cardona

Kris Cardona

  • Age: 30
  • Scouts: Since 1993
  • Current Position: Rover Leader
  • Awards: Scout of the Year, Bands Man of the year, Rover of the Year, First Aid Course, Fire & Rescue Course and more
  • International Events: Roverway Italia 2006


I joined the scout’s movement in August 1993, as a quiet, reluctant boy, not ready to trade playing football for anything else. Little did I know that what awaited me in Scouting was far more interesting. Soon after settling in I began enjoying a few beats on the drum, practicing my way to the annual parade which till today I’m still quite excited about.

During my early years, nothing much pushed me into competitions just a few games here and there were sufficient. However, during the later scouting years, things changed; challenges and competitions were now my favorite. For 3 consecutive years I was a Patrol Leader for the Lion Patrol during which I was awarded Scout of the Year and Bands man of the Year.

The Venture Unit under the leadership of Edward Vella (now GSL) got me through a lot of new experiences, expeditions, trekking, winter camps, ventures rallies and much more. This was a short and crucial period as it’s a stepping stone to everyone who wants to move forward in their scouting life.

Next up, was the Rover Crew, were I entered at 19 years old, under the supervision of ex Rover Leader Sergio Attard. Each year was different and more challenging, with Roverway 2006 and Mt. Etna Expedition being the best experiences by far.

Today I’m in the same position as that of my past leaders, who all taught me great knowledge and showed me useful skills which I apply in my role as a Rover Leader. , I am full of energy and ready to take this Crew to adventures were some only dream of doing. Finally, I must proudly say that I belong to the crew which holds the shield as ‘Crew of the Year’ till present in the Maltese Islands.





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    Well done for the great work you are putting on the Site!!


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