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Mosta Scout Group Josefa Sant - Mosta Scout Group

Josefa Sant

Best GSL in Malta Josefa joined the Mosta Scout Group at the age of 14 years in August 1998 as scout member. She acquired a lot scouting training within the Troop Section, where she earned the Three Cross Award with the St. John`s Ambulance.  She has also participated in various activities within the troop section which helped her later on as a helper within the cubs section.  In 2001 Josefa was nominated from the present GSL to help within the Cubs Section as a helper. In 2001 Josefa started helping the cubs section and later on in 2002 she started the Leadership Courses. She was certified as an Acting Cub Scout Leader in 2004, following other certificates of an Assistant Cub Scout Leader and Basic Adult Leadership Course in 2007. Josefa will gain the Wood Badge in May 2009. Josefa is still working within the Cubs Section and in Founders` Day 2009 she was presented a 5 year service badge as a leader in scouting. Even though Josefa did not have many individual experiences within the Troop Section, but still she have no regrets working with the young children. She loves working with children as she feels young and gives her a lot of satisfaction and energy. In the meantime, Josefa followed a lot of courses including First Aid course with St. John`s Ambulance, Food safety and Hygiene within the health Department, Weather Course with the Malta Weather Service, and Life Saving Courses with the RLSS, where she also serves as a member in the RLSS Committee. She also attended a one day seminar about Children`s Safety with The One Company in 2007. Josefa was born in 1984 in Mosta, educated in Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary and MCAST in National Diploma in Care. Presently Josefa is working with Richmond Foundation in K.I.Ds Programme at Zejtun.

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