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Mosta Scout Group Edward Vella - Mosta Scout Group

Edward Vella

Best GSL in Malta Edward joined the Mosta Scout Group in 1978 as a Scout and later became the Patrol Leader of the Lion Patrol in 1980. He later moved on to the Venture Unit where he earned his Venture Badge, Venture Award, St. John`s Ambulance First Aid Certificate and Life saving course with RLSS. A day to remember in the Venture unit was when he won the Reynold`s cup while representing the Mosta Unit in 1985. In 1992 he was nominated as an acting Venture leader and later carried out the Basic Adult leadership course and appointed a Venture scout leader in 1997. He managed to obtain the wood badge in 1998. In 2002 he was awarded the Chief Scout Commendation for Good Service. In the same year he also carried out the Camping Standards Course. During a scouter`s meeting in 2005 he was nominated as an Assistant Group Scout Leader with the Mosta Group and in April 2007 as a Group Scout leader of the same group. During the period as an AGSL he also worked in the Troop section to fulfil the absence of such a leader in that section. In March 2007 he was awarded a 10 year service decoration and in October the Chief Commissioner’s personal award. On the founder`s day of 2008 he was also awarded the Medal of merit for the Specially Good Service over 10 years. In the mean time Edward took various courses including Life saving course with the Malta Red Cross, First Aid course with the St John`s Ambulance Malta, and Food Hygiene with the Institute of Tourism Studies Malta. Since 2001, Edward also occupied the post of a Rover Commissioner in the Training Department of the Scout Association of Malta. He reactivated the Rovercrews in various scout groups and also managed to launch the new Rover programme in 2006. As regards international events Edward attended a Rover commissioner`s meeting in Jambville, France and Rovernet in Evora Portugal. In both occasions he had contributed towards a resource kit for commissioners to create adult scouting programmes. He acted as a contingent leader in three editions of Roverway in Portugal, Italy and Iceland. During Eurojam06 in Chelmsford, England Edward also formed part of the National Contingent Staff and gave a huge contribution towards the National PL Adventure activity held in Oxford England in 2008. In the past years he also served as a lecturer at Leader Training Courses at Island Headquarters on various topics. Born in 1967 in Mosta, married to Susanne in 1990, have one child called Kimberley and lives in Naxxar. Educated at Junior Lyceum, St Joseph Technical Institute, Paola and graduated by MCAST in Further Education Teaching in 2006. Working for MCAST in the Building Construction Engineering Institute as a Lecturer and his main subject is Design in Electrical Services.

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