Last year we collected more than €6,000 for charity, this year we want you to help us achieve more. This years 4th edition of the Abseiling Marathon will be held between 22nd till the 23th of November, around the clock for 34 hours. This year we want you to be part of this charitable event while kicking in the adrenaline inside you.

The bridge is around 34 meters high approx 13 storeys, that makes it the highest bridge in Malta. The event is for beginners, amateurs and professionals alike, we provide everyone with equipment, ground training, 3 meter abseil and than choose to go for the wall or arch 34 meter abseil. You also have the opportunity to experience a night abseil at a special price!!

So are you ready for the 4th Edition of the Mosta Scout Group – 34hour Abseiling Marathon ?

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