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Mosta Scout Group Band - Mosta Scout Group



In 1948 the Mosta Scout Group set up the first brass band with the help of Mro. Gianni Vella, who at the time was the band master of the Nicolo Isuard Band Club of Mosta and the San Gorg Martri Band Club of Qormi. The Inauguration of this band consisted of the playing of a selection of music by the Scouts musicians while they marched past the Island Commissioner, who took the salute. Rev. Fr. Paul Calleja blessed the band and urged all the scouts to live up their ideals. By 1960 the band had been dismantled as may of the musicians had migrated to other lands and thus the band was deprived of substantial number of its members. In 1965 the band was re-formed under Group Scout Leader Charles Vella, the son of Mro. Gianni Vella. The new band was composed of various instruments, including wind, brass and percussion. This new band formation was seen in public during a ceremonial church parade at Mosta on 6th June. During this occasion the band was blessed by the Archpriest of Mosta Fr. Bartholomew Bezzina. This was the first scout band that was made up of both male and female musicians. Since then the band has taken part in various activities each year amongst which important events such as the St. George`s Day (nowadays called annual ralley), Easter Sunday Parade, Good Friday procession and Remembrance Day. Today the band is led by Group Scout Leader Edward Vella and practiceses every Monday between 7.30 and 8.30.

Mosta Scouts Group Band | Pirates of the Caribbean:

Band Members:

  • Drum Major: Mario Calleja
  • Band Master: Jesmond Agius


  • Antonella Sant
  • Justine Sammut
  • Nicole Camilleri
  • Patrick Saviour Gatt
  • Natasha Alessandro 
  • Joseph Marie Vella
  • Steve Bartolo
  • Rebecca Cardona

Tenor Drums:

  • Christa Marie Abela
  • Kerstin Sant


  • Edward Vella
  • Sara Fenech
  • Christine Bonnici
  • Jeremy Grixti

Lyre Bells:

  • Kimberly Vella
  • Stephanie Cassar
  • Emma Marie Fenech


  • Darryl Cassar
  • Kris Cardona
  • Stephen Bartolo
  • Matthew Bonnici
  • Sean Bartolo
  • Janica Grixti


  • Ryan Grech
  • Mario Attard


  • Victor Bonanno


  • Sarah Camilleri 


  • Jesmond Agius
  • James Cutajar
  • Luke Camilleri

Mosta Scouts Group Band | Annual Parade: