Sean Bartolo

Sean Bartolo born in 13th February 1995, joined the Scout Movement in April 2005, at the age of 10
as a Cub Scout. Later he joined the troop section, where he managed to become the patrol leader of the
Panther Patrol. In 2007, he was awarded as the Best Scout of the year and in his last year as a PL, he won
the campcraft and was given the award as the best Patrol leader, which encouraged him to become a troop
instructor. As a Troop Instructor, he had under his control the Tenderfoot section. Later he was given the
role as a Senior Patrol leader. During this time, he was also attending the Venture section, where in 2011,
he was elected as the chairman for 2 consecutive years. Also, in 2011 he was awarded as the Best Venture
of the year.

In 2008 and in 2009, Sean was part of the winning team of the Scout Challenge, while in 2010 and
2011, he participated in the Venture Rally, where the Mosta team also won both rallies.

After acquiring, different scouting skills and leadership skills, at the age of 18, he was registered with
the Ihq to begin the Getting Started course. He is still in the begining of this course, but he is aiming to
become an Assistant Venture Leader. The most skill and activity that Sean likes is Pioneering. Infact the
best experience he had so far, apart from all the campings, is the Ferry’s wheel Pioneering Project.

Sean is also involved in the Mosta Scout’s group band. He used to play the snare drums, the bugel and
now he is playing the trumpet. He was also awarded as the best band’s man, for three consecutive years.
He attended the Archbishop Seminary school and now he is currently studying Pure Maths and Physics
at an advanded level at Junior College, and later on he is ambitious to graduate as a Math Teacher, from
the University of Malta.

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